Because of you

It has been a week since the opening of T Shop. One of the bestselling items in the shop is a cup named “Because of you”. When you fill this cup at 90% full, the cup appears square, but at half full it becomes a circle. The idea of this design is:

“Thanks to you, my ruggedness is transformed into smoothness.
Thanks to love, my straightforward and outspoken personality has become more refined and diplomatic.
From rugged to smooth, my life has more emotion because of the power to change you gave me.
Through thick and thin, our affection has grown with each passing day allowing me to experience even greater fulfillment.
Meeting you has changed and enriched my life forever.”

When I was in Taiwan, I was lucky to have a chance to meet and talk with the ceramicist who designed this cup. He told me that many people would think this cup is designed for lovers, but it actually can be used for other relationships such as friends and families.  Today I would like to use this idea and say thank you to my business partner, the co-owner of T shop, Yuki.

coming soon with yuki.jpg

My tea journey began when Yuki wanted me to accompany her to Fang Gourmet Tea's tea ceremony class.  Life has changed since the moment tea was introduced to me.  Imagine if I did not become a tea drinker, I might never get to know the people who I met through tea.

Yuki was also the one who brought up the idea opening T Shop.  When we started working on T Shop, due to the fact that we all have different values, ideas, and ways of handling things, sometimes we had conflicts or hard time communicating with each other. Gradually we learned from the experiences and became more understanding, compromising, and acceptance.

shopping for t shop.jpg

Thanks Yuki, because of your trust, support, and hard work, I can do what I always wanted to do.  It’s because of you!