We are headed to Asia for our 2017 Spring Sourcing Trip! Asia, with its long history of tea culture, is the source of our teas. Every year, we travel to the heart of Asia to seek out the finest teas to bring back to T Shop. We try hundreds of teas before selecting the best to curate for you. And this year, we are especially excited to return to Asia.

 We will be visiting tea farms and farmers all over Asia, talking all things tea with them. We are visiting the source to visit tea people and learn about tea alongside them. We’ll be visiting tea houses as well to discuss tea with experts in Asia, to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

While there, we will be picking up exceptional seasonal teas as well as special, premium teas. For the tea lover with a sense of adventure or for those with refined tastes, we are introducing two sets: The Tea Traveler and Tea Treasures. These two sets feature a chance to try limited teas that we will not be placing on our curated shelf. These are only available now, so be sure to reserve your limited edition teas now.

Here’s a quick look at what happens on sourcing trips from our friends at SAVEUR magazine.

Tea Travelers


Tea Travelers

Join us for the adventure from the comfort of your own home. We cannot possibly bring back all of the great teas we find—sometimes we are looking for something specific to bring to our shelves, we curate a version for the shop more suited for the season, and there simply isn't enough—but the Tea Traveler is a chance for us to share the experience of the travels for tea along the way with you.

Every Tea Traveler box is unique and contains 30 different single-serve teas. Shipping fees are waived if you would like to pick up the teas in shop.

For the tea lover with a sense of adventure. Available Now »

Gift wrapping is available upon request. We will be sending these teas early June.