Korean Tea Party


Korean Tea Party


Let’s have a “Korean Tea Party”!

Experience the charm of different types of traditional Korean teas, and broaden your tea experience by tasting beautiful tisanes to soothe your body and mind! And since we called this a tea party, we are throwing in some traditional light snacks as well!

Each set includes single serving of the following:

  • Boseong black tea

  • Korean green tea

  • Magnolia flower

  • Persimmon leaves

  • Snack: Yakgwa

  • Snack: Yeot

*Yakgwa, is one of the tradtional korean sweets, which is deep-fried, wheat-based sweet made with honey, rice wine, sesame oil, and ginger juice.

*Yeot is a Korean traditional confectionery. It has a consistency similar to taffy. Yeot is made from steamed rice, glutinous rice, glutinous sorghum, corn, sweet potatoes, or mixed grains.

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