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Tea Tasting : Korean Tea

Korea is known as the land of the morning calm due to a combination of the mountains and waters that give each morning a sense of tranquility. Although their teas are not as famous as teas from Japan or China, the country produces many teas that offer its own perspective on tea. Much of the traditional teas are produced by monks at monasteries, who aim to highlight the more meditative properties of tea -- calm, alert and pure.

T Shop is proud to offer three different Korean teas for a tasting on August 13th. Three teas will be offered for tasting, each made with a specific purpose in mind. The Green tea was made to to be easy-going -- always sweet no matter how it is brewed, leaving behind a mouthfeel and a sensation that is incredibly smooth. The Hwangcha and the Balhyeocha was made by a tea maker who lives his life for tea -- prohibiting even his diet when processing tea so that the sensation of the morning calm can be passed on through the tea.

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