Kitchen Therapy Dinner and Tea Pairing

This past weekend, T Shop proudly held its first dinner with Kitchen Therapy. In seasonal kaiseki style, Kitchen Therapy paired a six-course vegan dinner with curated teas from T Shop. The dinner showcased fresh vegetable based dishes and how well tea can bring out the nuanced flavors in them.


Take the third course, a chawanmushi custard made with taro root, shiitake and shimeji mushrooms that was enhanced by the deep earthy flavor of our 2002 Shou Puerh. This dish grounded our bodies in a mushroom covered forest floor. The tea reinforced a natural setting that reminds us to pay attention to our bodies and the environment.

The fourth course, a Soymilk Nabemono made with sake lees, daikon, potato, and chrysanthemum greens was paired with our new Bulang Mountain raw puerh. The richness in this hearty dish was cut by the sharpness of Bulang Mountain, making for a balanced and delicious experience. Even the nuanced flavors of tea can have playful, focused effects on a vibrant dish.


Roasted notes from our charcoal roasted Cui Feng oolong danced along a symphony of flavors from a sweet chestnut rice and white miso soup course. Our guests savored the tea with every bite of rice.

The night was a celebration of food and tea. A reminder from Chef Federico that “every bite is an act of kindness towards the body and the earth.” We look forward to our next dinner this Spring season and invite you to join us!