About T Shop

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T Shop is a tea room in New York City devoted to traditional brews from Taiwan, China, and Korea. Every year, we return to Asia to seek out the highest quality loose leaf tea we can find to share with our customers in New York and around the world. We source directly from farmers and work with partners who have decades of experience in the tea trade.

We believe in tea without pretense. A great tea tells its own story, and our goal is to help you hear it. That’s why we don’t clutter our packaging with baroque tasting notes or bucolic tales of tea estates. We share the tea. The journey is up to you.

Head to our shop to see our collection of fine teas and porcelain and yixing teaware.


How we find our tea


Our sourcing follows on simple rule: we only buy what we love to drink. That means spending years developing hard-won relationships with farmers and trusted merchants to find great bargains and premium leaves at a quality rarely accessible to the Western market.

Because of these relationships, and our dedication to traditional tea, we’re even able to commission special batches of tea styles that are sadly disappearing due to changing customer demands and the difficult realities of the tea business. While we offer many kinds of tea, our focus is on single-origin, unblended styles that have stood the test of time and enjoy the benefits of centuries of experience.

To us, a good tea does more than taste delicious. It should also have a pleasing aroma and lasting finish, and it should stimulate your mind and relax your whole body. In short, good tea makes you feel good.

While this holistic approach to tea is common in Asia, it’s still relatively new to the United States, where a razor focus on flavors and tasting notes reign supreme. At our shop, we help guests explore these deeper levels of appreciation. Pay a visit to try a cup yourself , and stop by our weekly events to meet some new tea friends, because a cup of tea is always best when shared.